Friends of Mareham Pastures

Minutes of the Meeting held at 7pm on Thursday 22nd Feb 2018 Barge & Bottle Sleaford.

Present: John Feneley (Chair), Kathy Blythe (secretary), Matthew Davey (Lincolnshire County Council), Sue Callow (Vice Chair), Linda Lowndes (Treasurer), Ronald Timms, Heather Houghton, George Grout, Kara Keuneke, Cllr Adrian Snookes, Cllr Andrew Hagues, Lucille Hagues, Jackie Porter, Barbara Roberts, Randolph Murray.Type your paragraph here.

Friends Of Mareham Pastures

Sleaford Lincolnshire

Chairperson John Feneley welcomed everyone to the meeting

Apologies: Cllr Tim Conning

Minutes of the 12th AGM held on Sept 28th 2017 and last meeting March 9th 2017

Accepted as a true record

Matters Arising:
Bullock Pastures gate needs Radar Key
Stone bench repair – in hand postponed due to weather

Facebook issues re cutting back of the undergrowth too harsh but done well in advance of nesting. It has exposed some litter which JP offered to litter pick

IT Update
KB asked group if she could create a new email address as sending emails to groups is very difficult in Yahoo – agreed and try to set up out of office message on yahoo account and needs changing on website

Post meeting note:
Out of office on Yahoo set up 27.3.18

No change since AGM where balance was £1018.50
Invoices pending for repairs and maintenance to wooden bench and sculpture & bird feeders
Probus Ladies donation in for £50 and agreed to buy bulbs for planting on site
Petty cash no longer needed so LL to pay into bank

Constitution Review
KB took the group through the changes that had been made to the first review since written in 2006. Advice has been obtained beforehand from the LCC Community engagement team. Some slight changes to be made and new data protection laws (GDPR) to come in May 2018 which we need to be complaint with. KB to seek advice on GDPR and to get approval from LCC engagement team now the Friends are happy with the document.

Data Protection as above

Past Events
Bioblitz emails sent have detailed the findings from the event which contains some advice re grassland management.
Plant species list to be emailed to Kara
Winter conservation programme ongoing however due to Mothers day March 11th date to be changed to 25th march
Additional sessions have taken place to further the hazel and ash coppicing.
Tool storage for work interim formal sessions – some tools at Johns, Georges and Des/Norma’s. Adrian to discuss with STC re a solution

Future events
March 25th – Bird Screen development
Bird seed has been ordered and no additional feeders to be put up at this time. A seed bucket has gone missing as has various feeders.
LL advised to feed all year around by the central screen and monitor in other areas or cut feeder numbers.
Wildflower meadow – need a rotavator – MD & JF to plan and use existing seed. Consider fencing off areas to keep off dogs and protect the orchid area?
Talks to local groups – next one 27th March to Sleaford Museum Trust GG is doing and agreed to ask for volunteers rather than a donation.
STC doing magazine and suggested MP do a write up of our partnership working.
AS to ask press to visit 25th march
Bat boxes – MD to discuss with bat society
Barn Owl monitoring MD contact AB

Flora & fauna
Bird species discussed – sparrow hawks, long tail tits, Kestrel. Both resident and migrant birds seen.
Dawn Chorus event around 7th May national dawn chorus day discussed
Bird ringing – Keith happy to do another event

Any Other Business
Thanks to STC for ongoing help & support
Conservation to involve schools discussed – prev working with youth groups as school require weekdays and volunteers mainly work
JP asked for more notices re unruly dogs
Tree guards being removed again – more signage again
RM – offered to clear grass and maintain upkeep of wooden statues. Contractor currently doing and to be repeated again September time
Rotary spinney and Baden grove signs need repainting
Date and time next meetings
AGM June 7th  2018
Next meeting 6th SeptemberType your paragraph here.